1. Why is Y forking up and not down?
3. Please mind your own mind!
4b (5). Does W claim that U might have a twin somewhere?
4. When a part of justice melts, it doesn't become just.
5. Excessive tolerance, as well as intolerance, is intolerable. Let me say it almost separately:
6. Excessive tolerance is intolerable. Intolerance is also intolerable. ml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

From Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy on toleration: ”

Seen historically, toleration has been many things: An exercise of love for the other who errs, a strategy of preserving power by offering some form of freedom to minorities, a term for the peaceful coexistence of different faiths who share a common core, another word for individual liberty, a postulate of practical reason or the ethical promise of a productive pluralistic society.” What about now? I’d say we should enlarge the practice of reason in dealing with reality.

7. The void is avoided with anything.
7a. MODERNITY moderates itself excessively.
8. The gimmick of the newest modernity pushes employment through volunteering (=work for nothing).
8a. Writing letters form U and others.
9. Time has always been more or less FOR EVER.
10. Ten tense tendencies tender tenable tenacity.
11. Cold is to gold as cod is to god.
12. A lack of rationality in the way the market functions endangers the entire fundament of the world economy. and with it. the survival of the utterly. as well as not so utterly. gorgeous.
13b. Supreme beings seem excessive, and as such, supremely suppressive.
14. There is emptiness between parts of blah blah blah.
14b. LEFT-overs aren't RIGHT, nor should they BE.
15. The theory of everything: spactim(e/a)tterNRgy.
15b. The Tooth Fairy is never fair for the teeth.
16.Simplifying is complicated.
17. Chose the future that U k/now.
18. In the past I chose the present. Now what?
19. Some thoughts grow so transparent that they become invisible.
20. How come I remember that I forget ?
20 b Born in Romania. reborn twice (in Italy, in Canada).
21. Babies are born after a while.
22. I can't resent present. Who resents presents?
23. Lately I took presence of most of my absences.
24. I never mouth my discourses.
25. I cling to nothing except life.
26. My grey matter got darker, if not even black.
26 (a). Facebook keeps asking what's on my mind.
I say that it was supposed to stay with faces, not minds.
But just to help them, it's excitations and inhibitions.
27. The blueness of sky penetrates beyond the depths of my eyes.
28. My principal occupation was to occupy principals.
29. I try really hard to take it easy.
30. As Time flows, it rubs and robs.
31. Prohibition is the mother of interdictions.
32. I always wonder at what do I have to answer.
33. What I had to divide did not multiply.
34. The fruit of passion may cost a fortune.
35. It was a liar who invented the perfect tense.
36. With wind, anything can wind up wrong.
37. Some people's opinion is to have none.
38. It was the hardest decision to become undecided.
39. I voted again with the ones who do not.
40. I focus best when relaxed.
41. String theory seems kind of rope pulling.
42. Practice precedes perfection.
43. People serve people, some being above.
44. Employing just thought, you profoundly confuse depth with profundity.
45. War told peace, „Sleep well!”
46. Gods' fornication hatched monotheism.
47. Falling asleep on my sharp thoughts, I woke up hurt.
48. Subatomic particles are overloaded.
49. People of their word have maximum value.
50. There is a small difference between political views and visions.
51. Rabbi Rubin repeatedly rubs rugged rubber ruthlessly.
52. Odd numbers are important, even numbness even more.
53. A brain may rain dry thoughts.
54. if a pen is mightier than a sword, how come a penis is stuttering, or is that sputtering?
55. At least sometimes you get more with thanks than with tanks.
56. Writing requires more thinking than inking.
57. There can be more bridges between two ridges.
58. A suntan may tantalize, but is only skin-deep.
59. The real scope of amusing you is using you.
60. A very cold justice becomes just ice.
61. There may be an arm of harm in someone’s charm.
62. You cannot reach the crest without some rest.
63. You must be sharp to play the harp.
64. Dolls are dollar makers.
65. My cash flow is unstoppable.
66. He found his I-Dentity through the dental records.
67. When I wanted to retire, I’ ve gotten four new rubber ones.
68. Poets writing one verse poems are Uni-verse creators.